La nostra scienza preferita? L'agronomia!

Our favorite science? Agronomy!

Colline Soavi was born a few years ago with few clear objectives. First of all, that of enhancing two of the main resources of Basilicata: fertile and uncontaminated land and the great passion for agriculture of its inhabitants. However, our company has a secret ingredient: the enthusiasm and energy of us guys who, after having studied and worked in big Italian and foreign cities, have decided to return to our homeland to actively contribute to its development. Like all beginnings, however, ours was not easy. Although all of us came from families of farmers and olive growers, few had direct experience in the field. Where to start then? The answer was very simple, we reopened the books. Not economics or English though, this time we opened agronomy books, and we immediately fell in love with them! But what exactly is agronomy? Let's ask the Treccani encyclopedia directly: "Agronomy is the science of plant cultivation. It studies the interconnections between the environment and agriculture and the methods of intervention of the farmer on the factors that determine the production of cultivated species." Of course, we didn't just study. We are a very young company. But we like to imagine ourselves as small dwarfs on the shoulders of giants (or perhaps it would be better to say, as small olive trees just born from a centuries-old plant, with strong and deep roots). Right from the start, we turned to professionals who, with dedication, guide us in our adventure! The ones you see in the photos are Luca and Quirino, our agronomists. For years they have been dealing with arboriculture, and every day they patiently teach us how to take care of our plants in the best possible way. For our part, we can only be very grateful, and reciprocate with our commitment and our friendship. This is why we have chosen to dedicate the first article of our blog to them! If you have read this far, without a doubt you too are lovers of agriculture and study. Do you also have a secret ingredient? What is your favorite science?