Agricultural Farm

A story of passion and tradition that has its roots at the foot of the ancient Vùlture volcano

The Colline Soavi farm was born in Basilicata, a few kilometers from Venosa, after years of family production of olive oil. 

Ours is a story of consolidated passion for the land and agriculture that found fertile ground in the bucolic city of Orazio, the city of the unfinished. From the beginning we believed in cooperation and trust between oil mills, several projects came to life and thus Colline Soavi was born.

A bridge between past and present

We combine peasant tradition with innovative and avant-garde projects, making the experience of our fathers a novelty for our generation. 

We believe it is fundamental to take care of the quality of our products in our lands with love and at the same time to cultivate an international outlook, preserving the good of tradition and exporting it into the future.


We are the producers of the future